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Things to do in the Canadian Rockies- Vancouver Rocky Mountains

Things to do in the Canadian Rockies

People looking for the Grand Tour the Canadian Rockies ask where are the Canadian Rockies? Canadian Rockies best time to visit? where are the Rocky mountains in canada ?, Things to do in the Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies which is stretched over 180,000 square kilometers through British Columbia and Alberta is one of the listed UNESCO world heritage. This region is so beautiful and attractive that it brings millions of visitors from around the world. This place holds an awesome picturesque view every turn. Canada is an awesome place to take a trip to no matter with family or friends. It offers so much to see and do. So if you are in a mood to take a break, do take one and look for cheap flights from India to Canada. Well before you book, have a glance to some most beautiful places, things to do in the Canadian Rockies and best time to visit Canadian Rockies.

Horseshoe Lake


where is horseshoe lake? This lake looks like a horse shoe. It is like a swimming hole, horse shaped situated within Jasper National Park. This place is known for it’s rugged high cliff which is well renowned for cliff diving, whitewater on the horseshoe, horseshoe lake swimming, horseshoe canyon rafting and horseshoe lake fishing.

Icefields Parkway


Icefields Parkway points of Interest- Yea, one of the best national parks in canada to experience and enjoy on is along the highway of Canadian Rockies. It is stretched upto 232 kilometers and connects Banff and Jasper National Parks. It is called one of the world’s most spectacular driving tours by National Geographic. If you get here we recommend some stoppages like Athabasca Falls and Peyto Lakes. Enjoy icefields parkway camping, icefields parkway skywalk and icefields parkway accommodation also available over there.

Columbia Icefields


In the entire Rocky Mountain region of North America, this icefield is actually the largest of its kind. It lies on the Continental Divide between Alberta and British Columbia, also in both Banff and Jasper National Parks. In all there are six major glaciers within the icefield but are many daily tours to explore and walk on Athabasca Glacier. You can also take a walk out onto the Glacier Skywalk to enjoy the Icefields view from 280 meters.

Peyto Lake

Peyto-Lake-Grand-Tour-the-Canadian-RockiesPeyto Lake is the most beautiful and brightly colored lake within the Canadian Rockies. This lake is named after a trail guide, Bill Peyto. He was also a trapper in Banff. This lake is situated at a valley and id best viewed from Bow Summit, which is also Icefield Parkway’s highest point. The best season to come to this place and see it’s real beauty is summer, when the lake is brightest.

Yoho national Park


This national park Is located in the British Columbia and was Canada’s third national park. This park’s name comes from a Cree word which means awe and wonder. And we assure you will be awe visiting this wonderful Canadian Rockies national parks. The national park includes, Emerald lake, Takakkaw Falls, National Historic Site and Kicking Horse Pass.



This place might not please you as much the Banff did but still this place has an amazing scenery. This place is located in Banff National Park and is an ideal place to relax yourself and enjoy enjoy the Canadian Rockies and also the beautiful Three Sisters Mountain Range. Both of them surrounds the township. This place is an entirely adventurer paradise because of it’s Nordic Centre, access to lakes and hiking trails.

Lake Louise


Best time to visit lake louise? Now this name is shared by both a town and a lake. Lake Louise is one of the most popular lake in the Canadian Lake. The best part about this lake is that it is amazing and beautiful; no matter what time of the year you visit it. The lake freezes in winter and becomes home to wonderland. Whereas in summers the lake becomes turquoise masterpiece and also a magical and an adventure playground for hikers and kayakers. With this lake there’s also a lake named Moraine Lake which competes with lake Louise for the title of the most beautiful lake.

So now you know what new Canada has to visit and explore. So without wasting any minute why not just get down to Canadian Rockies and see all the beauty it holds for us. Book a flight and land here for an amazing as well as adventurous trip.

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